Bickington Village Hall

Bickington Village Hall

The hall has capcity to host up to 60 people and is available for hire for ₤13.00/Hr up to ₤100.00/Day.

Due to Covid restrictions hall capacity is currently limited to 24 people at one time to maintain social distancing. All users should read the Covid Risk Assessment to understand the arrangements in place and considerations for their own events.

Title Window repairs

Our contractor will be carrying out repairs to 3 windows
at the hall commencing on Tuesday 24 May. There may
be some disruption to the use of the hall. Please
contact Neil ( or check this page
or our facebook page for updates


posted by Trustee on 18-May


Message The hall is currently open for hire. Gwilym has retired from the Trust. Please contact Neil Randle by email for any use restrictions.


posted by Trustee on 7-Jan


The Hall is open for well ventilated and uncrowded activities.
The stonemasons have finished their work on the three main windows in the main hall. the stonework looks so much better, a new lintel had to be fitted in the gable window because the old one, on investigation was far worse than it seemed.
The wood work on the windows will follow in late October/ early November.


posted by Vice Chairman on 14-Sep


The Hall is still open, but respecting any Covid cautions and restrictions.
The gable wall is being lime rendered which needs time to set between coats, so is ongoing.
The stonemasons are about to commence restoration work on the three main groundfloor windows, which will be followed by the carpenter do his work on those windows.


posted by Vice Chairman on 4-Sep

Open/closed status

Please phone Gwilym on 07743 044 212 for the current status


posted by Vice Chairman on 3-Jan

Annual General Meeting

21600197237Agenda for AGM 20 10 22.docx

The AGM for the Bickington Village Trust Ltd is to be held on:
Thursday, 22 OCTOBER 2020
At 7PM
At Bickington Village Hall
Due to the current pandemic and Government restriction on numbers we are unable to make this an open public meeting. The meeting will be attended by the 6 trustees and it is intended that any points raised by the community will be dealt with at tha...

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posted by Public Relations on 15-Sep

Village Hall re-opening

The Village Hall and its garden is starting to re-open for hire, subject to a bespoke event COVID-19 risk assessment for each hire. Subject to any further lockdown restrictions placed upon our district by local or central government, we have prepared a COVID-19 risk assessment for the premises to give you confidence, to the extent reasonably possible, that the Hall has considered and complied with the recommendations and guidance issued for the use of community spaces. It will, however be up to ...

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posted by Webmaster on 28-Jul

Bickington Community Help Form: Coronavirus

11584606547Coronavirus- Help form.pdf

If you need help during the current public health situation, please complete the attached form and drop into the Village Hall or email to


posted by Webmaster on 19-Mar

Bickington Community Volunteers: Coronavirus

11584606420Coronavirus- A request for community volunteers.pdf

A request for community volunteers during the current public health situation.
Please complete the attached form and drop into the Village Hall postbox, email or call 07739 409617

thank you


posted by Webmaster on 19-Mar