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Village Hall improvements

Village Hall improvements

Village Hall improvement status


The Trustees are currently focusing on three main issues – 1) the refurbishment programme, 2) the Hall’s heating system, and 3) the roof trusses.


As advised, we have a fully detailed list of what needs to be done to restore the Hall to a robust and attractive condition for the decades ahead.  Seven building contractors have been approached to cost the work.  Four showed an interest; so far only two quotations have been received for later areas of work.  We are pressing for these returns to enable applications to be made for the necessary grants.


Several types of heating system could be fitted to the Hall, but sadly those approved for Government subsidy are not suitable for a number of reasons.  The choice currently lies between two alternative designs – fan heater or air source heat pump.  We have quotations, and the view of the Listed Building Officer will now be sought on the options.   


The structural crack in the south-east corner of the Hall does not appear to have opened up in recent years, but further spread of the trusses and south-east wall must be prevented for the longer-term benefit of the building, and peace of mind for all!  We now have a quotation for the ties and their installation and expect them to be fitted during 2014. 


The bulk of the surplus in Trust funds was spent last year on the lintel repair and on many health & safety requirements: the income we receive from you, the users of the Hall, can now begin to be applied to other work, as above.  For larger work (refurbishment and heating system) we have to depend on external grants in the absence of a legacy or large donation from the community or friends of Bickington.  We are in touch with sources of funds and expect to be making submissions this year.


Thank you for your excellent support.  We do hope you will continue to enjoy the use of the Hall in the months ahead.   



Robin Colby, Chairman

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