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BB&C spring clean Kitchen

BB&C spring clean Kitchen

The BBC group arranged to meet This Friday ( 13th ) to sort through the existing crockery in the kitchen. All the old plates, cups, jugs, etc were evaluated into 3, groups

  1. Boxed up ready for the fete crockery " Smash "stall - there are lots of things in this group, and they are now in store upstairs thanks to David lifting everything upstairs .
  2. Anything suitable for the charity shop, - these items were taken to a charity shop by Steve, so they are out of the way.
  3. A tea service is in a separate box just in case anyone may wish to claim this. If not this is also proposed to be " smashed"

The BBC ladies very kindly wiped & cleaned out all the kitchen units, and carried out a clean & tidy of the kitchen. During the tidy up all the cleaning materials were condensed into one locked unit ( rather than 2 units locked ) it was agreed that all the chemicals etc needed to be locked away but paper towels 7 bin liners etc should be readily available.

The BBC worked very hard to sort through everything and the kitchen looks much tidier as a result. The cupboards obviously now look a little " empty " but this will not be for long. It was agreed on Friday the type and quantities of the re placement crockery it will be plain white and will accommodate a party of 60, this will be on ordered very soon.

posted by Webmaster on 17-Apr