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The pace at which developments take place in Bickington could be described as, well, fairly gentle. Thatís no criticism of those who bring the changes about, but more a reflection that Bickingtonís been a rural community for a very long time now, with a population that hasnít changed that much. And, while national planning may come to mean wider, more rapid development for population growth reasons alone, it doesnít seem as if Bickingtonís character is going to change much in the years or decades to come.

But changes have taken place in the Hall, and what it offers the people of Bickington. While 2011 was the biggest year of growth in the use of the Hall, the scope of events has widened in 2012 and the Hall is now much better known through our PR and the West Country media reports. Also there have been a significant number of improvements to the Hall and the facilities and services it provides.

If the number of events in 2012 seemed to be on a plateau, be in no doubt that they have grown in stature and in their favourable impact on the community. If I can pick just three, the BB&C Saturdays have done wonders for raising the community spirit (while also funding many improvements for the Hall), the Knicker Lady event showed that we could attract and run a performance widely acknowledged elsewhere, while there was never any doubt that the Jubilee Celebration event (and its several attractions) should be based on the Hall - and what a success it all was!

None of this would have happened without the selfless, generous and very enthusiastic contribution of many in the community, but particularly those from the Management Committee, from Keith Bryant and from the BB&C team. To you all, thank you for making 2012 such a success for the Hall.

A measure of success is the willingness of new members of the community to join in the organisation and running of the Hall. Thank you Doug Johns for taking on the seemingly thankless but absolutely essential role of Treasurer, thank you Emma and Ben Fitzgerald for your great support with PR and the website, and thank you Pat Lawson for coming back to run the website and take firm charge of bookings in the Hall.

And a big thank you to David Whitbread for coming forward to take on the chairmanship of the Management Committee. If itís taking longer than expected to get to the refurbishment phase, the main reason is lack of resource to take on the project of this significant task. Davidís appointment allows Gwilym Evans to give more time to the material improvement of the Hall, a task made easier by Emmaís professional engineering input to the refurbishment programme now taking shape, for which thank you indeed. If getting to this stage has taken a little longer than expected, we ask for your patience.

As Chairman of the Trust, may I wish you all a Happy Christmas, a prosperous New Year, and much pleasure, fun and entertainment as you come to use the Hall in 2013.

Robin Colby

posted by Webmaster on 24-Dec