Bickington Village Hall



From the Trust Chairman.

You may be interested to learn that having been short-listed for the Award in 2011, the Trust and the Village Hall have won the PRINCE OF WALES AWARD for 2013 for the most enterprising community project in Devon.

This a wonderful achievement for the Trust, the Management Committee and its supporters and, above all, for you, the Bickington community, for your faith in our enterprise, for the use of the Hall and for the many financial contributions you have made to the Hall.

The Award puts Bickington and the Hall even more firmly on the map. The added prestige should provide us with development opportunities which we have yet to determine, while the added publicity will help us demonstrate the benefit that we can bring to you, the residents of Bickington.

The prize is £1,000, awarded by the Prince. David Whitbread and I have agreed that the award will be put towards the restoration of the wall between the Hall and the road. The wall is in urgent need of repair, and allocating the money in this way will be in line with the Prince’s keen interest in preserving traditional crafts, such as stone-walling.

The award is being presented at the Devon County Show on Thursday 16th May. The Show Secretary has offered tickets on a buy-one-get-one-free basis for those in the Bickington community. If you are interested would you please come to the BB&C morning in the Hall on 27th April.

Thank you for what you have done for our community. Please help us celebrate this achievement by continuing to come to the Hall and by playing your part in its events.

posted by Webmaster on 19-Apr