Bickington Village Hall



If you have used the Hall in the last year you will have noticed many improvements – new paintwork, improved heating, a patio area with garden furniture, metered water supply, better kitchen facilities and effective health & safety measures to name just a few. You may also have attended the Fête and Flower Show on 10th August, the first combined event for Bickington and one which looks to have been a great success.

Though not responsible for all of this, David Whitbread as Chairman of the Management Committee and the principal organiser has played a major part in it all. Sadly, for personal reasons, he has now resigned as Chairman, so this note is to say thank you to David for your considerable contribution in this role to the Bickington community.

Gwilym Evans, as a Trustee, has taken on the role of Acting Chairman on a temporary basis until a successor is found, and I ask you to give him every support as he manages the activities of the Hall – your social centre! And please remember, keeping the Hall available for use and working for its improvement relies on the efforts of only a few of us unpaid volunteers. If you have the skills, talents or experience which would allow you to contribute, will you please let us know? Bickington’s Village Hall really does need your help.

Robin Colby
Trust Chairman

posted by Webmaster on 17-Aug