Bickington Village Hall



Refurbishment of the Hall is planned in six stages: 1) the roofs 2) the windows and doors 3) the outside of the building’s walls 4) the interior of the Hall 5) the meeting room and store room, and 6) the outside buildings and the grounds. Based on the work by the architect, quotations or estimates have been obtained for stage 2) from four builders, and a fifth is being sought. The builders have also been asked if they are interested in the other stages, and their responses are awaited.

Other preliminary works (the ‘window schedule’, the lintel repair, an asbestos survey, the design of the roof truss ties, the designs of the electrical and lighting systems) are also in hand or complete. Funds to allow all this have been provided by Devon County and Teignbridge District Council, to whom we are very grateful.

We hope that the builders and suppliers will give us a clear idea of the overall costs of the work, and as soon as we have that we will apply for external funding, which is likely to come in various elements so allowing the refurbishment stages to go ahead.

Rather like the Hall, we ask you to keep in mind that there are just two of us (Gwilym Evans and myself) who are taking the refurbishment programme forward. Again, if you feel you have the skills, talents or experience which can contribute to our work in any way, please just get in touch.

Robin Colby

posted by Webmaster on 17-Aug